EAB Monitoring and Management Online Course

A few weeks ago, we learned about EAB University hosting live and recorded webinars available to Extension Master Gardeners and the public so they can stay current with Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) and other invasive forest pests. Now we have learned of an online course available to Extension Master Gardeners who want to know more about monitoring and managing EAB.

This free online course,  Emerald Ash Borer Monitoring & Management, is hosted by the National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN), and provides an overview of EAB ecology; empowering learners to effectively detect and manage EAB in their communities.  The entire course takes about 90 minutes to complete and consists of 6 modules which users can take at their own pace.

The course was developed by Virginia Tech’s  Eric Wiseman, Sarah Gugercin, Dave Close, and Heather Boyd, funded by the USDA Forest Service (Forest Health Protection),  and reviewed by Jodie Ellis (Purdue University). When I talked with Sarah Gugercin about how this would be different than the EAB University webinars we blogged about several weeks ago,   Sarah explained that the EAB Monitoring and Management online course is meant to serve as an introduction to EAB, and allows users to interact with the content through quizzes and other interactive course features. The EAB University webinars complement this introductory course because they go into detail about specific issues, and in fact, those that take the online course are referred to EAB University webinars if they are interested in learning more advanced EAB topics.

Virginia Cooperative Extension has approved 1.5 continuing education credits for (Virginia) Extension Master Gardeners taking this course (check the Virginia Tech EAB Online Course website for other organizations that can receive continuing education credits) .   Note to Extension Master Gardeners in other states: You’ll want to be sure to check with your local coordinator to see if this course may apply for continuing education in your state, region, or county.

To learn more about taking this free course, visit the  Virginia Tech EAB Online Course website: or download the CourseAnnouncement flyer.

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  1. I took this course and it was excellent. It gives a very good overview of the EAB situation and good instructions on identifying both the ash trees and the borer itself. It also goes into some detail about efforts being made to control this devastating insect pest. I recommend it to anyone but especially to Master Gardeners. The Emerald Ash Borer is a problem that’s not going to go away and very likely will become much more widespread in the next few years.

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