2011 Search for Excellence Workshops Category Award Winner- 3rd Place

Grow Your Own Food- New Castle County, Delaware

New Castle County Master Gardeners teach vegetable basics classes.

In 2009 and 2010, the New Castle County, Delaware Master Gardeners offered numerous Grow your own Food workshops and demonstrations, in varying formats to their community.

Back to Ba$ics: A workshop series that included Master Gardener vegetable gardening workshops, developed to help people learn skills that they could use to save money, expand their resources, and live more simply.

Summer Tomato Tasting Event:  Master Gardeners and Master Food Educators offered a shared event in August in the teaching gardens to educate the community in vegetable gardening, and vegetable preparation.

Home Gardener Workshop Series Offered in Spring and Fall: This series featured the following workshops:  Starting Vegetables from Seed, Grow your own Food, It’s the Berries, Backyard Composting, Open Houses in our Vegetable Teaching Garden, Putting Your Garden to Bed, Edible Landscapes, Sheet Composting, Growing Vegetables at Home, Plan Your Vegetable Garden for Maximum Yield, and Potato and Tomato Planting Demonstrations, also in our Teaching Garden.

In total, there were 15 workshops that focused on the Grow your own Food theme, and over three seasons, more than 300 workshop attendees.

The demonstration garden open house was a well-attended event.

Master Gardeners worked together with the Horticulture Agent to develop workshops responding to community need.  The topics that Master Gardeners developed as part of their workshops/demonstrations included:  site/soil preparation, composting, plant selection, seeds/transplants, tips for growing vegetables, companion planting, integrated pest management (IPM), fall gardening, harvest to table, growing berries, and putting your garden to bed.

Vist the New Castle County Master Gardeners website at http://ag.udel.edu/extension/ncc/MasterGardeners.php