What should we highlight on the blog in 2012?

What ideas do you have for the EMG Blog to cover in the next 12 months?

We are now at an exciting cross-roads for the Extension Master Gardener blog and community (at least in my humble opinion), and that is we hope 2012 can embark on inviting more community participation.  Rather than having our social media team dream up and decide everything we will blog about for 2012, we would like you to help us generate ideas (and leads if desired).   From here the team will consider these ideas and see how we can best fit them into our monthly blog post lineup during our monthly meetings.

Thinking up Monthly “Hooks” to Consider for 2012?

While investigating this article on editorial calendars for our national social media effort,  I learned of the term ‘hooks to consider’. Hooks to consider is a rough idea of what you may want to cover for a particular period of time or month.  Since this blog represents 50+ states and hundreds if not thousands of counties, we would love to know what kind of events, or interesting items, aka, “hooks” we should consider every month.  Our goal is to have you help us discover what kind of master gardener news and educational efforts you think would be interesting or applicable to share on monthly basis.

Ideas for Generating Hooks to Consider

Here are some ideas of feedback we are looking for…these are just ideas…don’t let them stop you from telling us what you think would make good sharing for 2012.

Time of Year? As a Minnesota gardener,  January and February always represent a good time of year for me to reflect and plan.  Some things are just good to cover annually.  However, I know some of you in the south are actually gardening during these months (yes, I’m jealous!). Perhaps you have ideas of other months you reflect and plan, if so, we would love to know when you think is a good time for us to cover this for your region.

Events? Educational Resources? Are there certain horticulture or master gardener events that you will participate in this year? Specific educational resources you use at certain times you think others may want to know about? Times you conduct or partake in special training or educational opportunities?

Special Days? How about national events or occasions, like pollinator week? This year, Connie Schulz brought our attention to Food Day. What days may your Extension Master Gardener program use to service the public by answering gardening questions or provide press releases about volunteer work you’re doing related to that day?

Pests? What kind of pests should we consider at certain times of year that we might want to generate more national awareness about in particular regions or nationally? For example, last year several Extension services shared through social media about how the brown marmorated stink bug was a problem in the NE and SE, and I’ve heard reports of it moving west.  For those of us in the mid-west that haven’t quite dealt with this pest as you have on the East coast, we would love to hear from those of you that may have provided stink bug education, and learn from what you’ve already discovered about what has worked best or what hasn’t.

Share one or two ideas for the 2012 year below in the comments section?

Feel free to take this request back to your master gardener group and ask them for feedback.  We welcome you to provide your feedback via the comments section on this blog (just click the comments or no comments link below this post).

Please make sure to let us know what state or region you are from, and also what time of year you think we should cover your suggestion.

The goal of this blog is to represent the Extension Master Gardener program nationally, which means we want to include your input.  Please help us find out what’s happening across the US, so we can help host blog posts that will help us all learn from each other. As you see in the image below,  each program or thread has its own vibrant color to offer, and together we can see the strength in learning from each other nationally….we hope you’ll join us in planning topics for this blog in 2012!

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Karen Jeannette
eXtension Consumer Horticulture Content Coordinator

6 Replies to “What should we highlight on the blog in 2012?”

  1. Thanks, George. That is a good idea. We will add that suggestion to our editorial calendar. Until then, others may want to check out the University of Nebraska-Lincolns Backyard Farmer website @ http://byf.unl.edu/

  2. I like to hear about a variety of things. A lot of the actual gardening knowledge I can find myself through my local extension office, their social media outreach, or through other sources.

    I would like to know about the following:

    *Current research that just came out that is put into layman’s terms – even if it’s just to say, “Yup, that’s what we thought.”
    *Current (successful) projects that master gardeners are doing and how they began them/maintain them.
    *More about the actual master gardeners themselves – helping us to connect to each other
    *Links to resources that were very well done

    1. Thank you for your suggestions, Jen. They will be very useful to help us as we work on our line up this year. I especially like your idea about understanding how people maintain successful projects, which is a challenge and a question many of us have. I also like your idea about having more about MGs themselves. I think this is something that would be fun to include. l look forward to sharing these ideas with others on the social media team.

  3. Organic gardening.
    What to do to help honeybees.
    Updated Victory gardens.
    Make Master Gardener program not only annual, but year-round.

  4. I like posts highlighting one specific problem/question with links to vetted articles (question/answer).
    Highlighting specific MG projects and their development (successes, hurdles, organization).

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