Spring Master Gardener Plant Sales

Be on the look out for Extension Master Gardener Plant Sales this Spring!  We’ve noticed a number of Master Gardener programs have started having or announcing upcoming plant sales this month.

Volunteers shopping early!

Spring plant sales offer many Master Gardener programs a chance to interact with the public and provide gardening education to the public at just the right time – the time of purchase.  It also provides local Master Gardener groups with a chance to fund raise so they contribute back to their local communities.

How do plant sale proceeds benefit local communities?

Extension Master Gardeners groups use plant sale proceeds in variety of ways, below are stories highlighting blog posts which show how plant sales work to help raise funds to:

Plant Sale Tips and Ideas

Last spring, Lynette Spicer, Story Co. (Iowa) Extension Master Gardener provided some tips on getting interns and well as long-time Master Gardener involved in your plant sale.

We also discussed  Useful Tools for Learning in the Garden: QR Codes and Readers , a blog posts which prompted some to think how 2d-barcodes could be used on plant labels, giving gardeners instant access to plant information via their smartphones.

We encourage you to take a look and see if these past blog posts might be of use to you if your program hosts a plant sale. Even better, let others know your plant sale tips or bits of wisdom in the comments section below.

Is your Extension Master Gardener program having a plant sale this year? If so, what kind of plant sale tips or insights do you have for other EMGs?