EMG Blog Learning Notes (Recapping November 2012)


Furford Picker in Cranberry Field

This past month our social media team was inspired to investigate where some of their favorite holiday foods come from, how to help storm damaged communities and landscapes, and what other EMGs were doing across the country.

We have also learned of a number of  available online courses, blogs, and webinars that might interest you or a gardening friend. Read below to review new resources and opportunities that have become available for avid and Extension Master Gardeners in the past month.

Exploring the “Where does our food come from?”

We kicked off Thanksgiving week with Fun Vegetable Food Facts for Thanksgiving.  However, that was just a start! Our EMG blogging team ‘dug’ to find the full scoop on some favorite holiday fruits and vegetables:

What's in that Pumpkin Pie?
  • Sweet Potato: Naturally Sweet, Naturally Delicious  – Connie Schulz shares about sweet potato nutrition and recipes, and clears up the difference between potato,  sweet potato, and yam. Equally enjoyable was learning how the sweet potato became her state vegetable (leave it up to a 4th grade class to get things done!).

A special thanks goes to Extension Master Gardeners Debbie Courson Smith, MG Boise, Idaho, and Carl Wayne Hardeman, MG Shelby County, Tennessee, for providing some much needed photos (at the last minute) for our Fun Vegetable Food Facts blog posts!

Hurricane Sandy: Storm Damaged Trees, Landscapes, and Public Gardens

During Hurricane Sandy, our hearts went out to all those effected by the storm’s damage.  Concerned by both the short and long-term impacts of downed trees and damage to gardens and nearby communities,  Foy Spicer reported on Public and Botanical Gardens after Sandy, and suggested ways to help from near or far.

As the Hurricane Sandy recovery process begins, we have slowly been able to celebrate some new trees being planted through our Facebook page, but we know the work is far from over.

Extension Master Gardeners in Action

Mobile County, Alabama Master Gardeners and Junior Master Gardeners

EMGs in the News

Here, we enjoyed reading these two articles in the news by fellow Extension Master Gardeners in different parts of the country:

EMG Volunteer Projects

Looking for project inspiration?  Extension Master Gardeners in Florida and Alabama share some successful projects underway you might like to view:

Newly Available Online Learning and Resources

Looking for some online learning opportunities?  Here are a few you may want to explore or share with a gardening friend this month!

  • The Garden Professors blog  and Facebook page– Participate in discussions with these University Extension professors, avid gardeners, and horticulturists to help sort out garden science facts from science-fiction!

 Next Month?

We’ve just shared Wordless Wednesday: Getting the Garden Ready for the Holidays, but stay tuned next month for more December inspired blog posts!

….And please let us know either in the comments section or by email: emg@extension.org if you or your EMG program have a story or opportunity to share with other Extension Master Gardeners or join us at:

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