Garden Professors Blog Invitation: Spreading the Word About Research-Based Gardening Information

Having had the opportunity to meet many of you when I give talks or conduct demonstrations, I know how passionate master gardeners are about spreading research-based information. With that in mind we’re asking you to help us spread the word about the Garden Professors blog and the new Garden Professors Facebook page we are putting together.

Our group includes Linda Chalker-Scott from Washington State, Holly Scoggins, from Virginia Tech, Bert Cregg, from Michigan State, and myself, Jeff Gillman from University of Minnesota. You can read more about how the Garden Professors blog got started  in our eXtension feature article

Our goal is to engage the public around research-based gardening and horticulture

We cover topics from new trends, flowers, trees (and tree care), while also debating hot issues such as compost tea, using native vs. exotic plants in the landscape, or GMOs.  While there are many differences in gardening across the U.S or even internationally, we find there is a lot of common ground (sometimes even literally) that science can help us understand about how to grow plants.

For example, did you know that adding gravel to the bottom of your containers does NOT improve drainage?


Garden Professors Facebook Page
Adding Gravel to Increase the Drainage? Not so, says the Garden Professors Facebook Page


Adding to the Facebook page example above, here are just a few examples of topics we’ve covered on our blog this week:

And in the future you can look to see more current events, issues,  and questions addressed, aimed at keeping you up-to-date with reliable, research based gardening information.

Please stop by our blog or our Facebook page (where we think the comments are just as fun to read as the posts)….And let us know, what questions do you have about gardening that you’d like to see discussed on the Garden Professors blog?

Jeff Gillman
Associate Professor
Department of Horticultural Science
University of Minnesota

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