Wordless Wednesday: National Seed Swap Day January 31st!

Last Saturday was National Seed Swap Day! Did you attend a Seed Swap event? Lois Versaw shares her Seed Swap Day last Saturday! To learn more about seed saving check out this blog.


National Seed Swap Day L Versaw
Seed Swap Event co-hosted by ‘Community Crops’ and ‘Open Harvest’ in Lincoln, Nebraska recognizing National Seed Swap Day. (Photo courtesy Lois Versaw)


Making seed bombs L.Versaw
Attendees enjoyed a activity making seed bombs from water, paper, and, in this case, wildflower seeds, with teacher Eastlyn Wright . (Photo courtesy Lois Versaw)


Sumitted by Lois Versaw (EMG in training, Lincoln, NE) Thank you for sharing this exciting day, Lois! Looks like it was FUN!

4 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: National Seed Swap Day January 31st!”

  1. It was my understanding that the Seed Bombs were constructed of equal parts shredded paper (construction paper in this case, for color) and water with a pinch of seeds…
    Water is added to the paper and mix well, then add the seeds… Firmly mold the wet paper/seed mixture into a ball by squeezing it in your hand. Allow ball to dry completely.

    1. Sorry for the delay in responding, Ruth!
      Yes, starch can be used and acts as a “binder” of sorts.
      Thank you so much!

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