ALmost Wordless Wednesday: The Earth Laughs…

“The Earth Laughs in Flowers.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Below are just a few of the favorite blooms from gardeners across the country…  The return of spring and nearing arrival of the growing season is cause for much rejoice and laughter.

Climbing Pink Camellia courtesy of Judith Fuselier-Phillips
H.F. Young Clematis courtesy of Cheryl Day Lansdale
Peach Meringue Brugmansia courtesy of Jake Ouellete
Purple Iris courtesy of Judith Fuselier-Phillips
Amethyst Epiphyllum courtesy of Jake Ouellette


Magnolia courtesy of Angela Blue
Gerbera Daisy courtesy of Dorene Lee Harvey
Blood Lily Courtesy of Jan McMahon
Columbine courtesy of Sheila Gilliam-Landreth
Amaryllis courtesy of Eileen Hayzlett


Amaryllis courtesy of Cheryl Day Lansdale
Blooming Nectarine Tree courtesy of Terri Upchurch
Clematis courtesy of Briana Belden
Crocus courtesy of Lois Versaw
Dr. Ruppel Clematis courtesy of Jake Ouelette


 *The above images were shared with this blogger by members of the Facebook community

“The Self-Sustaining Seed Swappers”.



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