2015 Search for Excellence Awards – Workshop — 3rd Place Winner

Seed to Supper

Seed to Supper is a joint program of the Oregon Food Bank and the Oregon State University Extension Service Master Gardener Program.

Hunger and food security are issues that all communities face. Buying seeds and starts to grow can increase a family’s access to nutritious food. But unfortunately, many people lack the skills or confidence to plant and tend a garden.

Seed to Supper is a comprehensive, 5-week beginning gardening course that gives novice, adult gardeners the tools they need to successfully grow a portion of their own food on a limited budget.

A 96-page workbook was written as a resource for participants to use during and after the class. It contains researched-based information in the areas of

  • Garden site and soil development
  • Garden planning
  • Garden planting
  • Maintaining the garden
  • Harvesting and using your bounty

Because classes are often taught during the cool months prior to the gardening season, in locations that do not have access to a garden, five PowerPoints have been developed to help assisting in the teaching of the material. They follow the five chapters of the workbook and provide a visually stimulating method for teaching outside the actual garden.

The PowerPoints also provide a method to insure quality control from class to class, as different volunteers serve in the roles as garden educators.

While the workbook and PowerPoints provide for a consistent program, Seed to Supper has been designed to be flexible. In their role as gardening educators, teams of Master Gardeners modify the curriculum to meet the needs of their individual audiences. They have changed the number of days taught, added hands-on activities, brought tools as visual aids and grown starts to help people get their gardens started.

After the 2013 pilot year the Seed to Supper program was edited to a more accessible reading level and translated into Spanish to help us engage a more diverse audience.

The programs adaptability and popularity can be seen in the fact that it has spread from the tri-county Portland area where it started in 2013 to being taught in 15 counties this year.

For more information on the Seed to Supper program you can go to the program’s website hosted by the Oregon Food Bank.


Submitted by Lynn Cox, Washington County Oregon Master Gardener