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Instructions and Procedures for Submitting a Proposal to Host an International Master Gardener Conference

A. Introduction

This form provides instructions and procedures for submitting a proposal to host the International Master Gardener (IMG) Conference for one year. Proposals must be submitted typewritten.

Proposal Request Form. Proposals must be submitted typewritten. Include a cover letter summarizing your proposal, one original and one digital copy of your proposal to the chair of the committee. Attach additional information requested

B. Deadline for Proposal Submission

Submit proposals 48 months before January 1 of each conference year per the Table below.

Conference Year

Submission Deadline

2015: January 1, 2011

2017: January 1, 2013

2019: January 1, 2015

2021: January 1, 2017

Future years 48 months before Jan. 1 of a conference year

C. Deadline for Selection of Host City

The International Master Gardener Committee (IMGC) decides the host city and informs those submitting proposals by March 1 following the submission deadline. The IMGC makes the official announcement of the host city at the International Conference.

D. Conference Rotation

Proposals from the designated regions have preference. Rotation will begin with the conference in 2013 as follows:

  • 2013 South region
  • 2015 Central region
  • 2017 Western region
  • 2019 Canadian region
  • 2021 Northeast region

E. Support

Your State Organization or equivalent and your Land-grant University, or other sponsoring organization, should support any effort to host the IMG Conference. Your Regional Representative from the IMGC should also support your proposal. Their support will enhance your efforts for a successful conference. Representatives of these organizations and the Designated Conference Coordinator submitting the proposal must sign the last page of the proposal form.

On occasion, multiple states may jointly propose to host the conference. Here, all hosts must sign the proposal. However, there should be only one Designated Conference Coordinator responsible for the conference and final decisions. To avoid confusion, the coordinator from the host city will be considered the Designated Coordinator.

G. IMGC Assistance

A website with guidelines for hosting an IMGC that includes the names and addresses of the Regional Representatives is available from your representative. Your Regional Representative can be contacted if you have questions about the proposal process. The Designated Conference Coordinator, the State Coordinator, or equivalent, and the Region Representative have the responsibility to assure that the IMGC abides by the conditions set by the IMGC. The Designated Coordinator of previous IMGC will serve on the website subcommittee on a rotational basis.