International Master Gardener Committee

Role of the International Master Gardener Committee (IMGC)

The role of the IMGC is to manage the process to perpetuate the continuance of International and Regional Master Gardener Conferences. The IMGC is made up of four U.S regions (Northeast, North Central, West, and South), as well as a Canadian region (Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon). The IMGC membership is selected to reflect these regions. For specific membership information, see:


IMGC Operating Instructions and Bylaws

The IMGC operates via the following instructions and bylaws:


Hosting an International Master Gardener Conference

States or provinces wishing to host an IMG Conference should submit a proposal 48 months before Jan. 1 of the conference year. IMG Conferences rotate between designated regions. Proposals from the designated regions are given preference. The International Master Gardener Committee (IMGC) chooses the host city and informs those submitting proposals by March 1 following the submission deadline. The IMGC makes the official announcement of the host city at the International Conference.

For specific hosting instructions, forms, and checklists, see:


IMGC Conference Hosting Resources

Use these resources to help in coordinating and hosting an IMG conference. Find lists of media and state coordinator contacts, as well as Search for Excellence guidelines (coming soon) below:

IMGC Media Resources

State Coordinators

IMGC Search for Excellence Winners and Guidelines

The IMGC, through the role of the Search for Excellence Committee, oversees the Search for Excellence winners and guidelines. Search for Excellence winners are chosen for their outstanding contributions to their communities.

Find 2009 Search for Excellence Award application and guidelines, as well as past Search for Excellence Award Winners at:

  • IMG Search for Excellence.