Citizen Science for Extension Master Gardeners

Citizen Scientist making observations

Citizen science, also known as public participation in scientific research, allows participants to learn about and participate in real-world research projects. Citizen science programs also help scientists and researchers to expand their data collection through the engagement of volunteers in many locations. Many types of citizen science programs are available and, depending on their interests, volunteers can easily find some way to be involved with a scientific research program.  


Extension Master Gardeners (EMGs) are uniquely positioned …

Extension Master Gardeners Involved in "Nature's Notebook" Program

Phenology is the study of life cycle events in plants and animals. Recording phenology observations help us understand how species respond to a changing environment. Phenology is an important tool for Extension Master Gardeners because many garden processes are informed by life cycle events, including but not limited to pest emergence, garden design, plant response to moisture, and bloom times.

The USA National Phenology Network (USA-NPN) has partnered with Cooperative Extension programs across the United States to develop and deliver …