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Conference Wrap-Up Checklist:

One month post-conference (or sooner)

1. Send follow-up letters of appreciation and /or recognition to:

a. Co-sponsors

b. Extension Administration (state and county)

c. Local and state government officials

d. Speakers

e. Donors

f. Volunteers

g. Facilities personnel

h. Other appropriate groups, organizations,

i. Individuals

2.*Attendance records:

a. Conference total

b. Tours

c. Classes/workshops

d. Trade Show

e. Regional attendance


EMG White Paper – Program Activities

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Master Gardeners volunteering in the local community (photo credit:Mary Meyer).

EMGs work on many different community projects; most are educational events that focus on growing plants and local community needs. The respective state EMG programs can be contacted via the Websites of the land grant universities in each state. Many state EMG programs have well-developed Websites with gardening information, advice and contact information. The American Horticulture Society maintains a national website of the …

EMG White Paper – A Model for Other Master Volunteer Programs

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Master Gardeners volunteering to educate the public on Master Gardener services and/or volunteer opportunities (photo credit: Mary Meyer)

Perhaps one of the most successful indicators of the EMG program is how many times it has been copied and used as a model for other volunteer programs. This train the trainer program has inspired numerous “master” volunteers, including Tree Care Advisors; Advanced Master Gardener-Tree Stewards; Master Composter; Shoreland Volunteer; Master Naturalist, and Master Food …

EMG White Paper – Impact and Public Value

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  • Extension Master Gardeners save time, water, money, and the environment.
  • Extension Master Gardeners empower people with knowledge for life.
  • Extension Master Gardeners create a more beautiful environment with street trees, flowers, and green space in urban and suburban public areas.
  • Extension Master Gardeners increase green space that reduces runoff into storm sewers, thus protecting environmental resources.
  • Extension Master Gardeners educate homeowners in sustainable yard care practices thus reducing yard waste in landfills or

EMG – White Paper

Learn more about the Extension Master Gardener program as described in the following EMG White Paper articles.

Use of this information is welcomed, please use this citation for references to this white paper:
Meyer, M. H. 2007. The Master Gardener Program 1992-2005. Horticultural …

International Master Gardener Committee Media Resource List

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International Master Gardener Committee Media Resource List

The following is a media resource list for host committees of future International Master Gardener conferences. It focuses primarily on media outlets which may be interested in either listing the date for and brief information about a future conference or covering the actual conference itself.

To date, this list includes only U.S. media outlets; as soon as we receive more information about Canadian outlets, we’ll add that, …